Love Story . Video MV Film

I would start with saying a very common thing in quotes – “Every person falls in love with someone so deeply at some part of their lives that they can live the rest of their life meaningfully with that person.” Love isn’t like any other relationship as we know. If you get to ask some young lovers, they just say its more of a feeling of attachment of two understanding hearts than a kind of relationship. Many believe that love is the most gifted asset of anyone’s life. And many(including me) believe that love does not have anything to do with the distance between two persons as long as the two hearts know how close they are.

Maybe GOD writes a love story in everyone’s chapter of LIFE. Its early for some and later for some other. But its definitely written.So now, a true heart says – “I too had a love story”. Why not travel in love for sometime with his story!

TAKEARAX try to use our mind to Create the differet way to record your Love Story in MV film