Make up

To visit our fanspage : Takearax was started to enhance the lives of people across the world through the art of makeup application. Rax Lam and his team of professional makeup artists and hairstylists specialize in makeup for weddings, photography, corporate editorial and fashion. our stylists truly enjoy working with brides and their friends and families. They know what an important day it is and feel privileged to be a part of it. Call us today at (852)610-37378 to schedule your preview appointment, or email us at All Hair & Make up by Rax Lam, Suki Ng1474406_639097916142009_2037901591_n 1385952_622001571184977_957746748_n 1374187_626116907440110_1573171761_n 1235472_605836332801501_2143885006_n 1234284_601551016563366_490996602_n 1044294_569608333090968_980051082_n 1017444_564917883560013_584943893_n 1016125_569608336424301_320165430_n 1014118_569608343090967_259658661_n 1010443_567117613340040_14023887_n 1004447_570779502973851_2113435099_n 1003459_578765995508535_1585572050_n 1002822_569896636395471_959848957_n 1002330_579993192052482_826520598_n 999329_570779516307183_1120268091_n 994397_639098002808667_801375089_n 971175_579995112052290_1334062872_n 970291_579995115385623_302991709_n 941856_639097962808671_1821377691_n 603018_579995142052287_1094690836_n 382508_569608413090960_1122234629_n 251118_445787308806405_832751836_n 199025_437446342973835_730658176_n 199025_437446342973835_730658176_n-2 21434_579993185385816_205551229_n _MG_9724 _MG_9723 _MG_9705 _MG_9676 _MG_9666 _MG_9641拷貝 _MG_9640拷貝 _MG_9639拷貝 _MG_7814拷貝 _MG_7795 _MG_7793 _MG_7733 _MG_7731 _MG_7730 _MG_7729 _MG_7727 _MG_7725 _MG_7327 _MG_7320 _MG_7319 _MG_7318 _MG_7311 _MG_7290-1 _MG_7229 _MG_7222 _MG_7213 _MG_7203 _MG_7171 _MG_7139 _MG_0032 _MG_0013IMG_4306 IMG_4292 IMG_4288 IMG_4277 IMG_4263 IMG_4243 IMG_4206

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